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A growing mind and body require energy to function at their highest potential. That is why we choose Sodexo, the market leading food service company in Greater China, as our catering services provider. Our menus are designed for optimal nutrition and a healthy caloric intake. We try to appeal to a wide variety of tastes and preferences with daily Chinese, Western and other options like Italian food, vegetarian meal. Pupil safety is priority number one at Wellington. Out of consideration for the health and safety of all pupils, Wellington also strives to maintain a nut-free environment.  


Daily meal

  • Lunch
  • Noodle set
  • Teppanyaki Set
  • Asian Set
  • Western Set
  • Daily Special Set


Boarding breakfast

  • Western snack option
  • Chinese snack option
  • Noodle and Congee Option


Boarding dinner

  • Western Set
  • Asian Set
  • Daily Special Set
  • Noodle set


Meal price 


WeChat top up

The lunch fee can be paid by ID card, which can be topped up from the Sodexo online and on-site. The online channel will be opened 24 hours every day from WeChat. The on-site top up station is open in the school days. More details will be provided later by Sodexo. Sodexo will take charge of issuing invoices for the lunch fees / top-up fees to students or their parents, which will at most take 15 working days to process. Please contact onsite manager for invoice by calling 0571 8239 6398. Parents also can through Sodexo WeChat public service to apply for the invoice. If there is any balance remained on the pupil’s ID card at the end of the academic year, this will be carried forward to the next academic year.
Click here to download the Wellington College International Hangzhou WeChat top up guidance.

Food Committee

We will create a food committee that consists of parents and staff representatives. The food committee is there to offer all parties the chance to feedback directly to Sodexo and regular surveys will be taken and acted upon. Pupils also get an opportunity to provide feedback via the student council.


It is recommended that the food committee being composed of:

  • Bursar (Chair)
  • Parent Representatives (1 for HSH Primary, 1 for HSH Junior High, 1 for HNH, 1 for WCIH, and 1 for boarding)
  • Boarding Mistress
  • Academic Representatives (1 for HSH, 1 for HNH, 1 for WCIH)
  • Operations Manager
  • Service Specialist
  • Catering Provider Project Manager
  • Catering Provider On-site Manager

Work scope

  • Food committee is committed to forge a proactive and dynamic group with shared goal of safeguarding the wellbeing of our pupils. The scope of food committee includes:
  • Organize food committee meeting once every semester to discuss any issues in terms of catering and review food report provided by catering vendor.
  • Discuss the feedback gathered by parent representatives and form relevant action plans if any.
  • Review the results of actions required from previous meeting and evaluate the results.
  • Promote health dining for pupils at each stage.
  • Review the necessity of arranging extra food committee meeting for any special reasons.

Catering Policy

Click here to download the Wellington College International Hangzhou catering policy.


Click here to download the Wellington College International Hangzhou menu

Click here to download the Boarding menu


To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our pupils and staff members, Wellington College has a thoroughly equipped school clinic operated by fully qualified nursing professionals. Our nursing team are on hand full-time to administer first aid and, when needed, any authorized prescription medications your child may require. We also depend on our nurses to promote and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment.  

For the convenience of our pupils and parents, we provide a daily school bus service in cooperation with Hangzhou New Navigator School Bus Operation and Management Service Co., Ltd. Our service operates 24 bus routes covering 79 stops throughout Hangzhou, most living areas of Hangzhou are covered. Each bus is supervised by a School Bus Monitor, who is responsible for pupils’ safety and wellbeing during the journey, as well as managing the children’s behaviour.


We aim to provide all pupils with safe and comfortable transportation experience. Pupils of Huili school can apply for school bus service. According to the regulations of the Education Bureau, pupils of Huili Nursery cannot apply for school buses.

Wellington College International Hangzhou has a mandatory uniform policy. Our school uniform is an expression of the Wellington identity. It promotes a sense of pride in our school and fosters solidarity among our pupils. Pupils are expected to present themselves in a neat, clean and professional manner at all times. Click here to visit our uniforms shop.
We occasionally experience poor air quality in Hangzhou. Therefore, to ensure that our pupils can learn in a safe environment, we regularly monitor pollution levels. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is measured at Chengxiang Town, Hangzhou, the closest station to our school. We review the AQI twice per day at the beginning of the day, and before lunch. The readings are then e-mailed to all staff, so that the appropriate measures can be implemented.
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