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We are Wellington | Proud to be in Wellington Community

29 January 2021


This article in the series is from the mother of Audrey (Year 9), Mrs Cathian Kwok Cheung, who is also the chairperson of Friends of Wellington. Audrey was born in Hongkong. In 2005, their family moved to Shao Xing, where Cathian is originally from. They have been living in China mainland for almost 15 years. 


Go for an English-style Education


Audrey started her study in a local school in Shaoxing until Year 5. My wish was for her to receive an English-style education. At that time, I was told by my friend that there would be a Wellington College International Hangzhou opening in Xiaoshan. Wellington College has repeatedly been identified as one of the best independent schools in England, which is a great guarantee for our family, so we joined Wellington during the founding year. Audrey started her learning journey in Grade 6 at Huili School Hangzhou, and then chose to transition to Wellington College International Hangzhou in Year 8.


Boarding is growing



As we do not reside  in Hangzhou, Audrey is a boarding student in Ming House. It is a warm, caring and friendly community which allows students to study and enjoy themselves. In Ming House, Audrey has developed lifelong friendships, learned how to interact with different people, and enjoys her education to the fullest. She has become resilient and feels empathy and compassion for others. Before becoming a border, she was reliant on me, but now she has developed individuality, character and an understanding of herself. She is also a great support to her friends. I believe with this experience, she is able to grow into a global citizen with all the skills equipped to lead a very happy and fulfilling life. 


Proactive and creative learning environment



Since she joined Wellington College International Hangzhou, Audrey has been very happy and much more open-minded. Audrey is not afraid of learning anymore. She used to run away when she encountered a problem, but now she faces it positively and most importantly, she tries to get to the bottom of it. I believe this is mainly due to the continuous encouragement from her teachers. Students are inspired to come up with creative ideas and to grow up as independent thinkers. 



Audrey has an immense interest and talent in Art. Her Christmas tree artwork has been used for the Wellington 2019 Christmas card. She will study towards her IGCSEs in next academic year. She is currently preparing for her upcoming academic studies. I hope Audrey will select subjects that follow her passions and interests.


Proud to be in Wellington Community


The whole atmosphere in our Wellington community is very harmonious. It feels like everyone is full of love and care. The Friends of Wellington (FOW) is so much more than a parent-teacher association, it is a key element of the school, bringing a rich diversity to the calendar. In this academic year, FOW has organized the Halloween Party and supported the Winter Fair. Now they are working on the Chinese New Year celebrations and will also support upcoming the International Day activities. 


As the chairperson of the Friends of Wellington (FOW), I do hope that I can make a contribution to the school by virtue of our FOW ability, and at the same time bring a positive message to parents, so that the school and parents can collaborate effectively. I hope that the school and alumni can become one, the school will be proud of the performance of the alumni and parents will have a sense of achievement that their children were educated at Wellington College International Hangzhou.



I love the atmosphere and harmony at Wellington College International Hangzhou, especially the teachers' attention towards the children and their timely communication with parents. I feel at ease knowing my daughter is being well educated. The degree of freedom and attention at the school is very high, which I think cannot be compared with other schools. In this special period, I would like to share with every parent, “Stay safe and stay healthy”.


Applications are now being welcomed for the 2021-22 academic year. 





However, if you are moving to Hangzhou prior to the next academic year we are very happy to accommodate your requirements. We can offer you and your family a personalised tour where you will meet the Master and experience our excellent teaching and learning. Please contact admissions team via (+86-571) 8239 6366 or for more information. 


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