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Language learning opportunities | IGCSE: French and Spanish

05 March 2021

Mastering languages is essential for the future generations in our globalised world. At Wellington College International Hangzhou, we prepare world citizens for a multicultural working environment, an environment in which languages play a key role in the selection of leaders. Choosing to complete an IGCSE in a foreign language – such as French or Spanish – is the key to opening doors for the future.



During the IGCSE course, the students will be following the Cambridge examination board curriculum which is one of the world’s most popular international qualifications and highly regarded by universities around the world. 



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experience shared by Emily


Cambridge IGCSE MFL develops a set of transferable skills for understanding and communicating in everyday situations in the target language. Learners begin to develop cultural awareness of countries and communities where the language is spoken. They acquire the essential linguistic skills required for progression to further studies or employment.



After the two-year course, the learners will have enlarged their language proficiency required to communicate effectively in the target language. Plunging themselves into the societies where the language is spoken, they will have the opportunity to delve into the culture of countries and communities with a great deal of intellectual stimulation. 



The IGCSE MFL course consists of five different broad topic areas: Everyday activities, Personal and Social Life, The world around us, The World of Work and The International World. Those topics are divided in subtopics including but not limited to the human body and health, travel and transport, communications and technology, the workplace, the environment and various others. They will be explored through four different skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. To support the linguistic growth of each learner, the structure of the target language will be analysed and will ensure accuracy and increased confidence in the productive skills.

Studying a language at university or not, every individual, whether they be a mathematician, a musician, an engineer or an artist,  will benefit from the knowledge and the proficiency of a foreign language. Improving the critical thinking skills, a language is the key to success, and we, as Wellington College International Hangzhou, hold that key. 


Scheduled for 18 - 25 April, the 2021 Festival of Education features virtual events online as well as live events at Wellington College's Tianjin, Shanghai and Hangzhou campuses. 

Virtual Festival of Education

18 – 23 April 

Our virtual events are open to all. 



Live Festival of Education

Saturday 17 April - Tianjin 

Saturday 24 April – Shanghai 

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